I am a sophmore at Interlake High School in the first year of IB.

I am an entrepreneur and buisness owner that loves coding especially web exploitation, automation and IOT development.

Web exploitation/automation

I discovered my passion for web development and automation when I started reselling sneakers. When buying hyped sneakers online, they generally sell out within 10 seconds. To give myself a better chance at securing a pair, I created a bot which emulated the network requests of the website and checked out within 2 seconds. This was my first experience in network development. Since then, I have created several different automation bot business and sold them for over $10,000.


The Internet of Things opens a new frontier of possibilities for device connection. Three years ago, I created a model toll system and presented it at Seattle University. Since then I have expanded on my IOT skills and have recently built a business focused on a new home security device.I am currently in the process of writing a student paper on this device.

More About Me

Favorite hobbies?

My hobbies include: running, volunteering and devloping my coding skills.

Dream job?

I like owning and running buisness, so after college I want to jump into the startup scene.

Contact Information